Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

What do you make of the Fruit Loot Wild X slot game title? Some slots give a hint or two of what they might be about in the title alone. Is that true of this one? Maybe… but we are about to find out.

We guess there are several fruity symbols to watch out for in this game. Let’s be done with the guessing though and get on with the real slot review business now.

More details about the Fruit Loot Wild X slot game

Fruit, some loot (i.e. potential prizes), and possibly a nice wild or two to look out for. That’s our suggestion, so let’s see what else this game might be able to treat us to.

Does the title provide a clue to the developer?

It may do if you are familiar with some of their other games. WGS has created several superb slots with Wild X in the names, so you might have thought about them when you first read the title of our review. Some players are more familiar with Vegas Technology though – another name for this developer. They’ve gone through a few of those!

Why try the demo version of the slot?

This is a good idea if you haven’t seen it before. You might also consider it if you prefer to play without betting any of your own money on the game. Some players are happy just to enjoy the process of gaming without needing to try and unearth any prizes.

What does the theme hold in store for us?

There is some fruit here of course, but there are other things to look for as well – not least of which is the wild. This is a basic theme, but it does have some nice touches to it.

Is the design easy on the eye?

Yes, we think so. It’s eye-catching though, so if you do spot the main image for the game, you are likely to want to explore further. The game itself is also based on what your average casino floor slot might look like. It appears to be encased in a real machine, such are the graphics for this slot.

Basic elements of the Fruit Loot Wild X slot game

Given what we already know about this slot game, you may be thinking along the lines of a three-reel slot. You’d be correct in going along those lines. You can see several symbols per reel though, which makes things more interesting. The game does not include a progressive jackpot, unlike a few other three-reelers we have reviewed.

Just the one payline, then?

You might assume this is the case given the presence of three reels. However, WGS has decided to make this into a bigger game with five lines to cover. They’re fixed lines as well, so that means any bet you place covers the lot.

Speaking of making bets…

Many WGS games have the same coins in play. This one does too, going from one cent to $10. You also get the opportunity to consider whether to wager one, two, or three coins on each of those lines. Check your options, choose your bet, and confirm you are happy with the total wager per spin before you begin.

You don’t need to look far for the paytable

It appears along with the reels on the game screen, as is often the case with three-reel games. That said, not all the paytable appears in one hit. That’s why the game includes a command to let you see the other part of the paytable. You can toggle between the two if you like.

Other WGS games of this ilk use an oval game logo as the wild symbol. That is true of this one too. The best bit of this is not the name of the game adorning the edges, it’s the 3x icon in the middle. We guess you can figure out the meaning of this. The wild can pay out on its own, whenever one, two, or three appear on a line. If you get a wild as part of another winning combo, you’ll receive a good 3x boost. Better yet, you could get two wilds in a winning combo. In that case, the wild boost would be worth 9x the usual prize money.

If you manage to get three wilds on a payline, you would receive 100x, 200x, or even 300x your triggering bet. The amount won would depend on whether you wagered one, two, or three coins on the payline.

There is no bonus to look for

These games are quite formulaic in this respect, so bonuses aren’t usually expected.

No free spins then, either?

That’s where you are wrong, thankfully. While many three-reelers don’t include free games, Fruit Loot Wild X gives you the chance to win 10 of them. You need to get three of the FREE SPINS icons appearing on the reels for these games to be triggered.

Wilds involved in wins during these games are worth 3x the usual sum. Meanwhile, you can find more free spin icons to trigger further freebies as many times as you possibly can, with no limit.

An unknown RTP

No information is presently available on this topic.

Our rating is…

We couldn’t rate this less than 8 out of 10, even though our preference is for five-reel video slots. That shows you just how good this one is.

Who might scoop the biggest prizes?

Those wilds hold the key to the bigger prizes available in this slot game. However, other games have way bigger prizes than this one does. The jackpot is, at best, 300 coins, unless you manage to get those wilds working for you elsewhere.

Playing for a good time?

You don’t need to part with any money of your own to enjoy playing this slot game. Just be sure you select the demo version at any good WGS casino to access the game.

Are you going to try the real version of the game?

If so, make doubly sure you check your bets before you get started. There are lots of variations here, both in coin size and in the coins you can play.

Play Fruit Loot Wild X on mobile today

All good casinos offering this game should provide you with a chance to play on Android and iOS platforms as well, so watch out for that.