Lucky Lady Slots

Would you expect to find a lucky lady in a slot game using these two words as its title? Even though you will see a lady in this slot - and she takes up a valuable position, here, too - you probably will never guess what the theme is. Would you be surprised if we said it was the air force?

It's true, and what's more, it seems to be set around the time of the Second World War. That may not seem to be a good choice, but the game is enjoyable and focuses on the air force more than anything else.

How many paylines and reels?

While the game provides five reels, it keeps the paylines to an affordable minimum of nine.

Coin values in Lucky Lady

The cheapest coin is higher than it would be for slots with more lines involved, this time coming in at 10 cents a time. It does mean you can get in one spin for less than a dollar, though. If you want to bet bigger, go for the five-dollar maximum coin.

Lucky Lady special icons

We said the Lucky Lady was an important symbol, and she is the wild. Don't look for her on reels one or five, as she won't appear on those. She will, however, show up on the other three (and hopefully quite often!).

The scatter is the insignia symbol. Just two or more will secure a prize of some size. The wild will replace this, but it doesn't replace the plane, which may also appear on the reels as you play.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

The fact the lady doesn't replace the plane might lead you to (correctly) guess the symbol is important somehow. It is, because the plane has the power to unlock the bonus. Three or more are required, and the more you get, the more choices you are granted in this feature.

You are presented with five planes from the air force in the sky. You must simply make your choice to see which plane hides which prize for you. This is where getting more planes to start with can trigger more choices… and therefore more prizes.

Be sure to download and play Lucky Lady for prizes today!

Surely this slot must be unique in its choice of theme. We would like to hear it if you have come across something similar! As such, it is worth a try.