Funny Moolah Slots

Funny Moolah gives you some idea of what this slot might have in store for you. Funny means amusing, but it can also mean funny money, in relation to the 'moolah' word in this title. That means the money is fake, but if you win prizes in this slot, they won't be fake!

We are taken back to another time when we play this game, because it is set in the 1920s era and takes us to Chicago, too. Will you find what you are looking for there?

How many paylines and reels?

If you've played a few slots before now, chances are you will have played a five-reel game before, and possibly one that has 25 lines as well, like this one does.

Coin values in Funny Moolah

If you'd like to play between one cent and $2 on each line, you can choose one of 13 values that are spread between those two extremes here.

Funny Moolah special icons

The game features a nightclub on one of the icons, and this is used as the scatter symbol. The club itself has a boss, and he is used as your wild icon. He will stand in for most of the symbols present on the reels, with the one exception being the scatter.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

Get three of those scattered nightclubs appearing in any three positions and you'll access the bonus feature in Funny Moolah. When this occurs, nine lots of money are shown on the screen. You have the power to choose four of these, to reveal what lies behind each one. You might uncover some free spins behind one or more of them, and there could be cash prizes behind the others, too. What will you uncover?

Be sure to download and play Funny Moolah for prizes today!

Funny Moolah is an entertaining game, and not the first to feature cash as part of the theme. Many slots players will have tried something else with cash in the theme, but we think this is one of the more appealing ones you might find.

The bonus feature has been carefully thought out, too, and that makes it very entertaining. You don't know whether you could get credit prizes or whether some free spins might be on the way for you. Why not download and play Funny Moolah now to find out what you could win?