The Tipsy Tourist Slots

Welcome to your annual vacation! The tourist in question in this game is all set to finish work and head on vacation. We all know that feeling, right? Grab a cab with the tourist and head to Miami Beach to meet his Tipsy Tourist alter ego!

About The Tipsy Tourist

This is a great slot with 3D graphics and a nice cut scene to lead you into the action. Watch as he changes from his grey suit into some Bermuda shorts to enjoy his trip.

Another great slot from a great developer

None other than Betsoft, of course, as we might have suggested when we mentioned the 3D element. They’re famous for their many 3D slot games.

Check out their appealing demo

This tells you just how good the game is to try. You’ll see the guy himself to the left of the reels, and there is a lot going on when you spin those reels too. You can play as if the game was real, but of course there are no real coins to nab here.

The bonus looks superb in 3D, as do all the other components of the game. We couldn’t help smiling as we progressed through the game.

Going on vacation

We know this already, of course, and the vacation provides the thematic backdrop to this game. The grey and dull office that kicks off the scene before the game begins makes the bright and shiny beach setting look even better – if that is even possible.

Sparkling 3D design

You will love this one. The reels are set up on the beach, giving you a chance to look for palm trees, sand, surf, and deckchairs. The detail makes this better than it would otherwise have been, we think.

The slot does resort to using the playing card icons alongside the ones paying out the bigger prizes. That is always a shame to see – we think Betsoft might have thought of some lesser-valued icons other than those to use, right?

Basic features in The Tipsy Tourist

This is a five-reel game with lots of appeal and three large symbols appearing on each reel. It doesn’t have a progressive jackpot to be won. The Party Beach sign is the wild and the beach ball behaves as the scatter symbol. The other important icon to remember is the red cup filled with drink. This could appear on any of the first three reels of the game.

How many paylines?

They are indicated on either side of the reels, but to make things easier we’ll reveal there are 20 of them. They’re not fixed either.

Place some bets when you are ready

The coins go from just a cent apiece to a dollar apiece. The game also comes with an option to play up to five coins on each activated payline.

Where is the paytable hiding?

Look to the right of the title. There is a board nailed in position that says VIEW PAYS. Select that and the paytable pops up, giving you several pages of information about the game.

Get ready for the Drinking Bonus!

Remember that red cup we told you about? Find it on each of the first three reels and the Drinking Bonus begins. Choose whether a coin will land heads or tails. Get it right and your opponent in the round takes a drink. Get it wrong and you must take a drink. This carries on until either you or your opponent has drunk three drinks. That means the bonus ends and you collect your winnings to that point.

Secure some free spins

You can do this by finding three beach balls anywhere in view on the same spin. These would deliver eight free games. You can trigger more to be won for another three beach balls too.

The wild becomes Clingy in this feature. That means whenever a wild appears, it clings to its position until the spins finish. It also means you could end up with several wilds clinging to their respective positions by the time you reach the final free spin. Cool!

Game RTP for The Tipsy Tourist

This slot has a cool RTP coming out at 96.6%.

Our rating for The Tipsy Tourist slot from Betsoft

This gets 9 out of 10 from us. We like the clingy wilds in the free spins, the bonus drinking game, and pretty much everything else about it too. See if you agree.

Lots of opportunities for some prizes to be paid

If you decide to play the real version of the game, you get the chance to trigger anything from some small prizes to the larger ones. We should say the game has lots of appeal to play anyway, as it’s great to look at and doesn’t take itself seriously at all.

Entertainment on tap in The Tipsy Tourist

He does look a little tipsy, but we don’t blame him after escaping from that office. There is a lot to enjoy here and we had a great time playing it in demo mode, without laying down a single cent on any of the bets.

Progressing to play for real

If you are going to do this, get your budget sorted out first. Don’t wager more than you can afford to, and make sure you select a bet amount that makes your budget last as long as it possibly can. It means you’ll get more enjoyment out of the game. Prizes aren’t everything, remember.

The Tipsy Tourist mobile play

You can view the mobile version of this slot game on any mobile device, from Android to iOS. Just look for a Betsoft casino with this game on offer.