Birdz Slots

For some birds are just annoying creatures that sit on electricity wires and chirp away but for others, including the players of this game, the birds are gorgeous creatures that add color light and sound to this world. Birds are to be admired and nurtured where possible and they can also bring with them happiness and tranquility. This slots game of birds has five reels and thirty paylines.

The Unusual Features of this Game

This slots is not like a regular game. The reels do not spin but rather they cascade down and every time a symbol is missing or a winning line is completed the reels cascade down again in their place. There are six individual bonus trails in this game that are awarded to the player with consecutive wins. The shotgun trail removes birds from the reels by shooting them away and in their place more birds appear, hopefully giving the player more payouts. The zap feature electrifies the birds and makes way for new ones to take their place. The pecking order promotes lower paying birds to different positions giving the player higher payouts. The scarecrow bonus feature scares birds away making room for others and the cracking wilds feature cracks new wilds on to the screen, stacking three and more on the first three reels.

The Bird Blitz Feature

In addition to these six bonus features there is also a Birdz Blitz feature that sees all the birds on screen fly away and come back to different positions, this keeps happening until the player wins a payout. Even the wilds are sent away in this feature. Birdz slots is special because of the cascading reels and the other bonus options that it offers and because it is all about birds and their beauty and sounds.