Neds Sportsbook

Anyone familiar with the online world of sports betting may have heard the name Dean Shannon. Shannon a former CEO of the worldwide Ladbrokes brand and then involved in finding the Australian version of has plenty of experience and success in the world of online sports betting. This new venture called Neds Sports book sees Shannon go out on his own offering an interface that allows punters to bet online in real time and also to bet on mobile devices. Neds sports book is based in Queensland Australia but offers betting options in real time to players around Australia. Neds sports book has an edge over other sports book in that it is new, has a state of the art layout and is also offering some fantastic promotions for new members that sign up.

Bonuses and Keeping the Players Happy

Neds500 is the initial bonus offer given to new players and further to this there are many other special offers and bonuses that are given on different sports and in total to members who are loyal to the sports book. It may have only been around for a couple of months but it has already made its mark offering many ways to place bets and also with its original advertising. In fact some of Neds bookie advertising has already been banned by the Australian Standards Bureau for promotion excessive gambling. One advert that was banned depicted house builders spending too much time on their mobile phones and not enough time building houses implying that they were gambling excessively. It is against the law to infer and advertise too much gambling. Nevertheless the Neds Sportsbook has made its mark in the Australian world of sports betting and it looks like it will just go from strength to strength with its good layout and excellent offerings.