Sugar Pop Slots

SugarPop! slots definitely fixes any sweet tooth. Not only that, but the winnings pile up faster than you can imagine. In just 10 minutes of game play, my casino balance increased by more than $400. That's a really good return for a minimal investment.

With SugarPop! slots there are no reels and game play really takes care of itself for the most part. The game is a five by five grid filled with tasty candies. Start by selecting your coin value (2 to 50 cents). Next, pick your bet amount (50 to 250). Once you've made these decisions, click the green arrow and the candies start dropping into the grid. When they are connected horizontally, vertically, or a combination of both, they explode and you win money. After they explode, new candies drop into place and as the candies drop into place and line up correctly, the winnings keep pouring in.

Value of the Candies

Each candy is worth a certain amount of coins. The more that appear adjacent to each other, the more you can win. For example, the pink hearts are worth 20 coins, so four in a row will pay 80 coins. If you have four red candies (100 coins each), you'll receive 400 coins. Candy values range from 20 to 100 coins each.

After you've filled the SugarPop! slots meter on the right, you advance to the next. With each new level, you gain access to additional features. If you've cleared candies from the special pattern shown on the left side of your screen, you win extra points at the end of the round.

Special Features

There are also special candies that enter SugarPop! slots as you advance from one level to the next. Caramels move around the board destroying anything in its path, while white chocolate squares shoot almonds at other candies and make them disappear from the board. The lollipop is the first bonus candy you'll come across. It spins all of the symbols on the board and changes their placement. Candy canes explode and take out entire rows and columns in the process.

The gumdrop sucks up candies until it explodes. There's a jawbreaker that bounces around the screen crushing candies as it goes. Chocolate spreads out into a three by three box and removes any candies in its way. Jelly beans fly to a different spot and make the candy it lands on explode. Cotton candy causes a tornado that removes a lot of candy in the process.

Finally, there are super color candies that pair up with candies of a matching color and offer special multipliers. Color bombs will pair up with matching colors on the next spin and cause every matching candy to explode.

SugarPop! slots is a 3D slot game from Betsoft. Recently, Betsoft announced the addition of an expansion pack, Peanut Butter Plains, that adds new levels to this already popular 3D slot game. Look for SugarPop! slots at BetSoft casinos and enjoy watching the winnings pour in.