Fire n Dice Slots

Fire n Dice is a nice play on words to be sure, but what does this online slots game really have to offer? It has the look of a traditional casino slot machine, but does it deliver on performance? Let's check it out now and find out.

How many reels and paylines can you expect to see?

This is a basic casino-style game so it provides you with three reels and a single payline.

How much or little could you bet while playing this slots game?

The lowest coin value for Fire n Dice is 10 cents, while the largest is ten dollars. This is big for a slots game, but it reflects the fact there is only a single payline.

Does Fire n Dice slots have any special symbols?

No - as this is a more basic game you won't see a wild symbol here. There is no scatter symbol either.

Can you look forward to unlocking a bonus round?

We bet you expected us to say there was no bonus round in Fire n Dice, didn't you? After all, most basic slots games of this nature don't have a bonus round to spice things up a bit.

Not so with Fire n Dice. This game does have a bonus round and it completely changes things as it gives you something different to look forward to. You have to try and get three of a symbol to get a number of dice spins. Three cherries brings five spins, three bars bring 15 spins and three sevens will bring you 50 dice spins.

This is where the screen changes to reveal nine dice. You'll see a different pay table on that screen, and you have to try and match up a line to get a win. If you manage to get three sixes on a line, this will bring you 500x times your original bet.

Play Fire n Dice slots today!

As you can see, Fire n Dice is far from being a basic game. Instead, you get a very different way of playing this online slot. With the bonus round featuring heavily every time you get three of a kind, you can look forward to something completely different from the usual wins on a slot game.

That's why we'd recommend you try your luck at Fire n Dice today!