Are You Ready to Go Loco 7s Online?

Sometimes you can tell what an online slot game will be about before you take a closer look at it, just from finding out what the title is. That’s not the case with the Loco 7’s slot game from Rival.

We’re here to clarify things in our review though, so keep reading to find out more.

How many reels and paylines can you expect to see?

This is a basic slots game with just one payline and three reels. As such it is much closer to the real casino slots you might be familiar with in casinos.

How much or little could you wager on Loco 7s?

You can start with as little as one cent on the payline, but you can play from one to three coins on the line too.

Does this slot game have any special symbols to improve gameplay?

No, the traditional symbols in play here are the bar symbols, along with chilies and the number 7 of course as well. You can get different prizes depending on how many of each symbol you can get in a row on the payline. As such it doesn’t take long to work out whether you have a winning line or not, and which symbols produce what kind of wins.

Can you expect to see a bonus round?

As you may expect from a more basic game, there is no bonus round in Loco 7’s. That’s a shame and some people won’t want to try it for size because of that alone. However the game itself is pretty basic in terms of being more like a classic one-line slot machine. As such you wouldn’t really expect it to have any special features of any kind.

Enjoy playing Loco 7s now!

If you want to go back to basics and try an online slot that has only very basic features, this is one of the better ones to try. On the other hand if you are new to online gaming you might want to try a more basic game instead of going for one of the newer 3D types of slot game.

For our money, Loco 7’s is one of the more appealing basic games online today. You could still win some great prizes if you are ready to wager a few coins on the line every time you make a spin.