Vegas Party Slots

They say some cities never sleep, and it is easy to understand why. But surely Las Vegas never sleeps, thanks to the bright lights, entertainment and fun to be had wherever you turn.

That's the idea behind this slot, which is designed to look a lot like the city itself, thanks to the icons and images behind the reels. The game does fall back on playing card symbols on occasion, but at least in the casino city, it makes sense to have them.

How many paylines and reels?

You'll love spinning the five reels available here, with 25 lines to try and win on.

Coin values in Vegas Party

You must bet at least 10 cents per line, so this doesn't qualify as a penny slot. The big bet limit is $5 per line, so that is smaller than you'd think.

Vegas Party special icons

There's nothing like driving through Vegas, so maybe that's why they've chosen a car as the scatter here. This is the only symbol in the game that isn't replaceable by the wild. This takes the form of a neon logo, so it is very easy to see whenever it appears. You'll be delighted if it appears in every position on a paid line, since this rewards the lucky player with 9,000 coins.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

One car is good but three are better, because when these are scattered over the reels, you win 15 free spins. Every prize you may get here is better than ever, as it is given a x3 multiplier. The round can also be triggered again, for another 15 freebies coming your way.

Be sure to download and play Vegas Party for prizes today!

This game is a delight to play and it looks good, too. It's just bright enough, without becoming too much if you end up playing it for an extended stint. The x3 multiplier in the free spins feature makes all the prizes that bit more attractive too, especially when the 9,000-coin top prize is tripled!

You may not win that, but you could win a few other prizes that would make it worth your while to play the Vegas Party slot for a while. Will this be a game you come back to time and again, or simply one that's good for the odd experience when you play for a few minutes?