Monster Wheels Slots

Monster trucks interest certain people. People often go to rallies in arenas to see big monster trucks crush cars or go over dirt humps. A monster truck is usually a pickup truck that has been modified with a larger suspension and much larger tires. The types that folks go to see are usually 12 feet tall and 12 feet wide. One famous monster truck is Grave digger. The team behind Grave digger took a 1950 Chevy Panel Van and modded it out. Coverage of the Monster Jam tour has appeared on the Fox Sports One and Fox Sports 2 television channels.

There is a slot machine game that is all about monster trucks. It is entitled Monster Wheels. The innovative aspect about this game is that players have a lot of choice. The option of playing a reel set of 2-4-2-4-2 or 4-3-2-3-4 gives the player a choice of 128 way or a 288 way game. Another player friendly feature in this game is that it has a bonus game feature. This can be unlocked with the appropriate image of a gas can popping up as a slot reel scatter symbol. The bonus game continues the theme of player choice. You choose one of three games in three different formats. The great thing about free spins is that they are free. You, the online casino gambler, do not have to put more money on the line to try to win money. A feature within the free game feature is the concept of multipliers. This can dramatically increase potential winnings. The choices are taking 12 Free Spins with 2x multiplier, 6 Free Spins with 4x multiplier, or 3 Free Spins with 8x multiplier. The best part is if the Gas Can symbol lands during the Bonus you can win additional Free Spins!

Monster sized fun

The developers of this game have come up with an original theme. There are not a lot of monster truck slot machine games out there. The game is also notable for giving gamblers a lot of chances to potentially win money. This is a slot machine that will capture the imagination of both new and veteran online casino gamblers. This is a slot that also has wagering flexibility. Gamblers with bankrolls of every size will be able to find a wagering amount that they are comfortable with.

Go to your online casino of choice. Make a financial deposit and play Monster Wheels Slots. You'll have a ton of fun.