Love Bugs Slots

Love Bugs is yet another slot game that has found inspiration in romance. Well, it's a cool topic, isn't it, and whether it is close to Valentine's Day or not, we can all do with some romance in our lives.

The slot game may not look impressive to start with, but there is more to this beast than meets the eye. Let's explore this colorful and engaging game to see what it can offer.

Reels and paylines format

There are 20 lines waiting for you in Love Bugs, and those are arranged on five reels in all.

Coin values used in Love Bugs

There is a good array of bets used in this game, making it possible to start from a cent a time and building up to $100 at most.

Are there any symbols that are more valuable than the rest?

Watch out for the love bugs that give this game its title. These are both wild and they also have the power to unlock a feature built into the game.

You should also look out for the heart with an arrow through it. This is the scatter for the Love Bugs game, and it can win prizes no matter where it appears - providing you have enough of them.

Does Love Bugs have any bonus features?

Yes - remember those Love Bugs? If you get the lady bug on the first reel of the game at the same time the love bug appears on the fifth reel, you will win some free spins. How many? How about as many as 40?

A cut scene follows the triggering of this feature, and you will see various things falling from bridges as the love bugs make their way along the canal. The necklace is worth 10 free spins, so the more of these you get, the more spins you win. You could also get a diamond ring, however, and if so, you'll double the prizes you later win in the free spins feature. Even if you fail to get some free spins, you can still win some awesome credit prizes.

Download and play Love Bugs slots today!

We like the fact the free spins feature has been made more appealing in this slot game. With a chance to win that many spins as well as netting some prizes, you can see why other players have already given Love Bugs a go.