For Love and Money Slots

Hmm, For Love and Money is an intriguing title. It's a bright one, too, as it turns out - the colors used in this slot are very loud!

That's not a bad thing as it keeps things interesting, but you can see how the theme develops as you play. With a man and woman together on the reels, along with love letters, chocolates and love birds too, you can see how appropriate this game is if you're playing slots on Valentine's Day.

Reels and paylines format

It's easy to spot the five reels in play, but you also have 15 paylines which becomes apparent when you view the numbers to the sides of the reels.

Coin values used in For Love and Money

One cent per coin is the smallest value you can work with here. Additionally, you can go as high as a dollar a time. There is also a chance to bet five coins per payline at most.

Are there any symbols that are more valuable than the rest?

The gentleman with glasses perched on his nose is the wild. He will pay out 5,000 coins if you a fortunate enough to get five appearing on a single payline. He will also pay out if he helps you form a winning line of other symbols, and he delivers a 2x multiplier.

Does For Love and Money have any bonus features?

Look out for Cupid! Not only can he strike you down with love, he can also deliver some free spins. Three, four or five of the Cupid icons will bring 10 free spins, each offering a 3x multiplier on any prizes won. The good news is you can retrigger this round to happen again - just look out for more Cupids to see if you can do this.

Download and play For Love and Money slots today!

Playing slots means introducing yourself to a lot of varied themes of all kinds. Here, we have a romantic theme that is hardly new to slot games, but it is given a quirky twist here. You get lots of suitors on the reels, not all of whom are desirable! But you never know when Cupid will pop up and help them along.

And as we now know, Cupid could be helpful to you as well, so why not see if you can find him?