Gypsy Rose Slots

Gypsy Rose is an expert at her craft. She can see into the future, giving you hints about what is to come. At least, that's the way we are supposed to view this slot. There is a lot of entertainment to come your way, for sure, if you decide to play this game. We have reviewed it for you here, so you'll already know what to expect when you look into the future…

About the Gypsy Rose slot game

There is no cut scene to introduce the slot, but we do get a landing screen that reveals some of the special features in the game. Once the game begins, we see Gypsy Rose sitting at the left side of the reels. She has her crystal ball ready, but what does she see inside it, we wonder?

A reliable developer

The developer for this slot is Betsoft - king of the 3D slot game. This is another one of those, and the detail of the 3D game pulls you in like nothing else.

A demo you can enjoy

If you're the kind of player who doesn't want to play with real money, you can appreciate the appearance of the Gypsy Rose demo slot. This works just as you'd expect it to, with a fully featured game to enjoy with demo credits in store.

A theme that looks at the future…

There is no real foretelling here, of course, but this is one of the better attempts at using the fortune telling theme. We cannot think of too many others, but Gypsy Rose is adept at her skills, we think.

A detailed design

The background is often a static element in slot games. Not so here, though. Instead, we can see a few birds flying around, a light in the distance, and plenty of detail on Gypsy Rose's caravan. This is where the reels of the game are positioned.

Basic features to expect in the Gypsy Rose slot game

The basics of this slot are appealing, for sure. We get five reels to spin and these are positioned between wooden posts on the side of her caravan. The crystal ball has an important role to play on the third reel - the only reel on which it appears. However, it works in conjunction with four other symbols - a love potion, a crow, the gypsy, and a magic book. We'll focus more on those shortly. However, the idea is that one of the symbols must appear on either side of the crystal ball when it appears. If this should occur, the relevant feature triggers.

There is a basic WILD icon that might appear on the first and fifth reels. This works in the normal manner. However, if you get two wilds appearing opposite each other on the reels, and if this occurs on one of the first three paylines, Gypsy Rose will appear in view and help you. She does so by adding more wilds to the reels.

Payline quantity

There are 30 lines in this slot game.

How can you wager bets on the game?

You begin with a 10-cent coin in play, but you can reduce this all the way to just a cent. The biggest coin to choose is a dollar. It's also possible to consider placing more than one coin on every line, with five coins per line the best you can do.

Select 'view pays' to view the paytable

You'll see the command in the top right, just near the roof of the gypsy caravan.

Bonus opportunities

You can get a Crow Wild Re-spin if the crow appears on both sides of the crystal ball, i.e. crow on reel two, crystal ball on reel three, and crow on reel four. This means the crow icons turn into wilds and stick in position while all other positions re-spin.

If you get the crystal ball appearing with a magic book on either side of it, you receive an instant credit prize. The maximum is 20x your triggering bet.

Finally (yes, there's more), you can look out for the gypsy herself to appear on either side of the crystal ball. When this occurs, the Tarot Card Bonus unlocks. You must select seven Tarot cards and secure a prize according to what you have chosen. there are 15 to choose from, with three colors and five possible figures to reveal. Each of the characters and colors is worth a certain amount. The game calculates your prize once your cards have been revealed.

Could you secure some free spins?

Yes - find the crystal ball on reel three and the love potion next to it on reels two and four and you'll receive some free spins. This can happen inside the free spins too, which would award more.

What is the return to player (RTP) percentage like?

As with most Betsoft slots, this value is quite respectable. Gypsy Rose foretells a figure of 97.63%.

Our rating is a good one

This is a solid 10 out of 10 game. We could not in good conscience rate this any less than that. There are so many special features and bonuses involved, it is a thrill to get started - even if you are only playing for the entertainment value of the game.

The game has some winning prizes too

There may not be a progressive jackpot steadily growing larger in this game, but we do get the chance to enjoy some opportunities to pick up some nice prizes. Instant credit wins, bonus prizes, and regular on-reels prizes are all present.

The demo provides a chance to enjoy the game for what it is

Not all players want to be in with a chance to win prizes. Sometimes, it is enough simply to appreciate the hard work that has gone into a game. That's the case with this one too. The 3D effects are so good in Gypsy Rose, it's hard to imagine there would be anyone who wouldn't enjoy it.

Play for real to see if any of those prizes could come your way

We sure hope they do but be careful to set a budget before you get started. This is a very easy slot to play for a longer time, so make sure you know when to stop.

Great on desktop and great on mobile too

It sure is, thanks to the appeal of the Gypsy Rose slot game on Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. Get stuck in and see what's in your future with the Gypsy Rose slot today.