250k GTD Tournament Tailgate Edition

The Super Bowl 2018 will take place on Saturday February 18th at the Minneapolis Stadium and the excitement is already rising for this all American great sporting event. Fans around the country have already blocked the day as a special football day and some have even booked their trips to watch the play off in person. At Ignition Casino a different kind of celebration has started and will continue right up until the day of the Super Bowl.

Qualifying Rounds or Buy-in for the Main Event

For the run up to the Super Bowl until the 3rd February visitors and members of the Ignition Casino can take part in the qualifying rounds for the $250000 GTD tournament that is being advertised. This tournament offers people who take part a chance to win part of the $250000 cash payout that is being dedicated by Ignition casino over and above what they given in other promotions and special offers and over and above their sign up bonus offer that awards players up to $2000 in welcome bonus money. Players at the casino can pay as little as $7.70 to join the qualifying rounds or they can buy in for the main event that takes place on February 3rd at a cost of $325. Players who choose to buy in at the early stage for the qualifying rounds can choose from one of the many tournaments offered in the special schedule that can be seen online at the casino. There are over 20 different preliminary rounds that players can take part in which offer entry fees starting at $7.70 and may lead to the player gaining access to the main event.Ignition casino celebrates the season of the Super Bowl with players and who wouldn't want a part of $250000!