Bitcoin Poker Tournaments

Bitcoin is the buzz word online and now it is reported in every financial paper around the world. Bitcoin is an entity that is virtual, created in 2009 by a Japanese genius. The Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is traded. The currency is made after many long and involved block chains the produce algorithms. Each Bitcoin is mined and it can take months for a Bitcoin to come to fruition. Taking all these features into account, Bitcoin is one of the most secure and trusted methods for online payments that there is today. It is 100% secure and it is fully encrypted with no chance of fraud and no chance of anyone hacking into it or copying the complex chain.

How to Use Bitcoins

Bitcoins have been used for some time now at the online and mobile casinos, being offered as a secure way to make payments. The naturally progressive for the Bitcoin is also to be offered at the Poker houses and for different tournaments. Before considering one of the Bitcoin tournaments it is important that the player first establishes a Bitcoin wallet for himself. With a wallet in hand the player is able to purchase Bitcoins that he can then transfer to the casino and tournaments when he needs to. There are a number of different Bitcoin wallets available online and players can choose one that seems to offer all the criteria they are looking for. Once the player has money in his Bitcoin wallet he can turn to the Bitcoin poker tournaments and decide which one he wants to join.

Types of Bitcoin Tournaments

Essentially there are two main types of tournaments. There are free roll tournaments and there are buy in tournaments. Free roll tournaments as the name suggests are free to enter. The casino puts up an amount of money that is the pot and this is what the player is working towards. The winnings are paid to the player through his Bitcoin account. Buy in tournaments require the player to first purchase into the tournaments. Depending on the tournament there are different amounts that the player can buy in with. The buy in process is simple using Bitcoin and requires the player to just choose Bitcoin as his payment option and then he chooses the amount to send to the casino. It really is as simple as it sounds and once the player has deposited money into the pot of the tournament he can start playing and hoping to win something back from the tournament. Some of the tournaments are quick and last for just one round, others last over a few days. Some are with special poker games and some are with standard Texas Hold'em or other games., Every tournament should be considered on its own and the player should make sure he is aware of all of the terms and conditions of the tournament in order to understand what he is doing before committing his Bitcoins. The Bitcoin Poker tournaments can be very lucrative and of course extremely enjoyable giving the player an opportunity to excel at casino games with low cost options.