Marcus Goodwin Wins $11.6m through Mega Moolah Slots

An online slots player named Marcus Goodwin has become the latest big winner through Microgaming's Mega Moolah, hitting a life-changing jackpot worth $11,633,898.44.

Many big slots winners choose to remain anonymous because they don't want to deal with people begging for money. But Goodwin is a rare breed because he was more than happy to share his excitement and joy with the world.

Following his jackpot in November, Goodwin was very thankful for the win.

"Wow thank you so much!," Goodwin exclaimed. "This is obviously life changing! I cannot believe it! I will definitely be buying a nice big house and a vacation cottage! And taking my entire family on a first class trip to Africa! This will mean great Christmas presents for everyone!"

He also released a YouTube video, where he discussed his emotions following the windfall.

"I just found out I won $11.6 million playing Mega Moolah!," said Marcus. "I can't believe it, my heart is still racing. My dog's heart is still racing. We're so excited."

What's really interesting about Goodwin's story is that he didn't even play Mega Moolah much prior to his jackpot.

"I only joined the casino back in July. I've been playing Mega Moolah once in a rainy day, and just happened to hit the jackpot last Saturday," he said. "Thank you so much. This amount is life-changing. It's just the best news I've ever had in my life."

Goodwin didn't state any plans for his winnings. But we can imagine that he has plenty in store for the massive fortune that he's won. His $11.6 million jackpot is the largest online slots payout of 2016 and will likely remain that way since the year is almost over.

The next-closest win was a €7.9 million ($8.4m) prize that occurred in late August. Known only as D.P., the player won big through Mega Moolah via their iPad. New Zealand's Rawiri Pou also hit a life-changing payout, earning NZ$10.14 million ($7.3m) back in August.

More on the Mega Moolah Slots Jackpot

Since being launched in 2008, the Mega Moolah jackpot has created more millionaires than any other online slots prize. The first big winner was a Finnish player named Klaus E., who collected $5.5 million in April 2008. Since that time, dozens of players have become millionaires through Microgaming's Mega Moolah.

If you're hoping to win yourself someday, it's a simple process. You merely need to bet the minimum amount, which is $0.25 per spin. The goal is to randomly trigger the Jackpot Bonus game, which is a wheel that you spin to try and hit the Mini, Minor, Major, or Mega jackpot.

The Mega is the huge progressive prize that made Marcus Goodwin $11.6 million richer. Of course, it's also nice if you can win any of the other 3 jackpot payouts.