Bitcoin Video Flash Casino

For instant gaming and instant results with the most secure payment method on the web today, the Bitcoin Video Flash Casino is the address to look for. In order to join this casino you must have an established Bitcoin wallet with Bitcoins in the wallet ready to use. Establishing a Bitcoin wallet is very simple, there are a number of different options online and once the player has opened his wallet he can invest in Bitcoins which are held securely in the wallet until the player wants to use them for online gaming or any other online virtual transaction.

Instant Access to the Bitcoin Video Flash Casino

The Bitcoin Video Flash Casino does not take up any space on the players computer, all the games are played directly from the web browser. The selection of games include video pokers, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, slots and dice games. Before choosing which game to play, the player is notified of the number of that game that have been played and in addition he is advised of the jackpot for that game. Clicking on each game before registering at the casino will give the player a chance to try out the game for fun and practice before placing his Bitcoin bet. The games are very simple and easy to play and anyone with a small amount of casino experience will easily be able to identify what to do and how to enjoy the game and get the best results including hopefully the highest winnings. Each game also details a leader board with details of the latest amounts won and the name of the user who has won these amounts. This adds a certain amount of extra competition to the game and gives the player something to aim for.

High Returns and Instant Withdrawals

There is no special welcome bonus at this casino but players will definitely be drawn in to the 99.5% expected return that is advertised on the screen. Players at the casino can access the casino and games immediately with a direct address given for sending the Bitcoins. Help is offered around the clock for players that may have a query, contact is possible by sending an email to the customer support team. Players who want to become affiliates benefit from up to 25% of the house edge on all bets placed through the affiliate program. The casino prides itself on its random nature to the point that it explains how each game is managed from the first random notification that is sent to the computer to start the game. Any winnings are paid out immediately after instruction from the player allowing players the luxury of always having money in their account and the option of taking money out. This casino is an abundance of fun and modern technology that is definitely the way forward in online gaming.