Cherry Casino

As the casino technology has evolved, flash casinos are the latest trend. Cherry Casino is such a place where you do not need to download anything. The game is played right from you web browser. Casinos that do not offer downloads are ideal for people playing with Macintosh operating systems and for travelers. I must say that this casino is the best casino without the download option I have come across.

Fresh players have the option of choosing either guest accounts - meant for playing for free; or they can get a real currency account. Just for the sake of this review, I deposited $100 with my account from NETeller. If you have not signed up with NETeller, you can get one without charge. You can make deposits using your Prepaid ATM card, Mastercard of Visa card. I got a $30 bonus immediately I made the initial monthly payment.

I went immediately to the tables meant for blackjacks in this casino. There are numerous tables for blackjack that limit betting for both regular and expert players. You can play three hands of blackjack in a single game. If you have a flare for action, then I would recommend you go for just one hand. I am in love with Cherry Casino's blackjack games. I found myself returning to the tables every time to increase my bankroll.

I tried another game - the European roulette. As usual, during a game of roulette, I usually covered the 17 with nine chips. I covered all the corners and lines of 17th number and made a straight stake on that number. When I made the initial spin, the ball stopped at 16. Since I had stake on the 17 border, that first spin won me thirty three chips. Cherry Casino gives out an excellent game of roulette.

The journey did not end there. I continued since I still had to conduct reviews on some game of video poker in Cherry Casino. This particular casino offers the All American, Jokers Wild, Double Bonus and Jacks or Better for video poker. You can play the total number of games found in the one-hand version or the version of video poker that allows for a combination of three hands for every game. You can play just a game of five hands on video poker in Cherry Casino. I played video poker in five hands and I didn't regret it at all.

You can also play Buddy poker, which is another free and exciting game given to players by this casino. In summary, poker can be played among you and your friends via the free version of Buddy poker on this casino. The game is accessed using your email addresses - it is a hundred percent free and exciting.