AstroPay Card

Astropay is a virtual or physical card that allows the casino player and in fact anyone who wants to make purchases online to do so securely and efffiently using a prepaid card that can be held physically or virtually. In order to use Astropay card the player first needs to take out a card. This is a simple and painless process that allows the player to purchase a card and add sums of money to it directly from his personal bank account or by transferring from other sources. Once the player has money on his Astropay card it is simple and easy to choose this option in the online casino or at the mobile casino for transferring funds. It really is as simple as it sounds.

Full Security and Instant Transfers

This prepaid card is totally secure and allows instant transfers of money to the casino. It is 100% safe and secure with no chance of the players personal financial information being divulged since it is not there. Players can download the Astropay app to their phone or mobile device through which they can purchase further funds. Astropay supports numerous currencies and it is easy to switch between currencies allowing the player to deposit money in different currencies around the world depending on where he is playing the casino games. One of the best properties about the Astropay Card for the player apart from its security and of course its instant transfers is that the player can also keep track on every transaction that is made. Each transaction is totally secure, and the player can only transfer as much as he has in his account ensuring that he keeps a track on his spending and does not overspend. This is a safe, secure and efficient method for enjoying casino games online and at mobile options.

So Who Exactly Can Use Astropay Card?

Simply put, any adult of legal age can use Astropay Card. Astropay Card is a universal prepaid card that lets you make transactions in currencies from around the world. When it comes to the currencies, you can use American dollars, Canadian dollars, the British pound, the Japanese yuan, the yen. You can purchase Astropay Card from the official website or you can buy them from the official retailer.

Making Your Deposits With Astropay

Depositing with Astropay Card is quite simple. The first step is to by one. You can easily accomplish this by going to their website and directly buying one. You choose your currency and the amount you wish to purchase. The minimum is ten bucks, and the maximum is 1,000 bucks. Once you’ve gotten that squared away, you choose your payment method. You are also more than welcome to download the official Astropay Card app on your mobile device. Once that is handled, you simply go to the cashier at the online casino that supports Astropay Card.

What About The Processing Feeds

Astropay is just as a credit card or a debit card. It will process transactions in a quick fashion. In fact, it will go faster seeing it doesn’t require you to go through any banks. It is also important to note that it will expire after one year of purchase. Also, the value is a fixed amount, so you won’t be able to reload any more funds onto that card. This card is widely used and available for many online retailers at your earliest convenience.

Times For Making Deposits And Withdrawals

Because Astropay works on its own system, the deposit times work quite fast. When you first sign up and buy one, a wallet will be setup in real time, so you can see all of your transactions. Again, when making your deposits is easy to. Just enter the 16 card number to go along with expiration date and the particular security code. And when you are ready to make your withdrawal from the card’s balance, you can do so from the app. There you can send the remaining balance to your actual bank account. Should you want or need to increase the limits, you can easily get in touch with customer support for this. If you are opting for the app, you will need to officially register for it.

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