Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a relatively new online payment system that is gaining popularity daily. It was originally launched in 2014 in USA and by the end of 2015 it had spread to international use. Apple Pay is available for users of iPhone 6 and up, for newer iPads and iPad minis, Apple watches and even Macbooks. In order to use Apple Pay, a registration process must be carried out that includes verification and entering either credit or debit cards for an active bank account. Once the player has registered his account he is ready to use Apple Pay at any of the casinos that offer this payment option. In order to register for Apple Pay, the player needs to have an Apple account and an iCloud where he will open a wallet and input his credit or debit cards details. The details are in put just once and remain secure and encrypted with no chance of copying or any fraud.

Direct Transfers with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is very simple to use and players need to check that the Apple Pay logo is evident at the casino before opting for this method of payment. Once the player has chosen Apple Pay all that remains is for him to decide how much he wants to transfer to the casino and it is done immediately and totally securely. There are so many advantages to using Apple Pay. It is totally securely, it is private with no chance of any personal details being divulged. Players also benefit from the speed of the direct transfers which all fully encrypted and the security is in fact double faced since it is secure through Apple Pay and then secured again between Apple Pay and the credit or debit card. For players at the mobile casino there is no need to carry any details, the player can directly transfer funds using his touch security on his device. Apple Pay is becoming more and more available and used at online and mobile casinos because of its convenience and total security.