Viking Slots

There are so many different themed slots today and some mean nothing whereas others like the Viking Slots themed games give players not just an amazing slots experience but also a taste of history where the player can enjoy Vikings in their metal helmets, longboats and many of the Viking gods. The slots include games with multiple paylines and also more simple slots games that have just one payline. Each game offers a unique experience to the player where he can enjoy the wonderful game and also grasp some of Nordic history.

Vikings Spinning Around the Reels

Vikings were warriors and they were fierce but they were also caring and this can be seen in many of the slots games. The Vikings wear clothes made of animal skins and often fur jackets when it is really cold. The Vikings made their own weapons that are often used to make up symbols in the game whether it is the hammers of wood and stone or the glass picks that they created. The longboats are typical modes of transport for the Vikings and these are fashioned in glorious wood with high sails and filled with weapons and men. Players will meet all the different Viking warriors when playing the themed slots games and in some cases they will also meet the Viking gods. The most famous of all is Thor, the god of thunder but there are others such as Odin or the gorgeous Valkyrie. Each of the gods has their own personality and place in the slots game whether they are the wild symbol or the key to free spins or one of the bonus games. The excitement of playing slots is enhanced with the incredible graphics and historical story lines that these themed slots offer.