Trigger Happy Slots

We’re heading out to the Old West to see what’s in store for us in this engaging slot game release. Cowboys and cowgirls are ready to play, so we should find out what is involved before we decide whether we’re ready. Our review is going to uncover the facts and features about Trigger Happy slots, so you’ll be in a fine position to see what you think.

A true Old West setting for Trigger Happy slots

You can probably guess what this game looks like before you even begin. There’s nothing wrong with a well-trodden theme though, especially when it delivers the goods as well as this one does. Saddle up!

The developer for Trigger Happy slots

This one was created by Real Time Gaming. The casino software developer is also known as RTG, but whichever way you like to refer to them, you’ve got the chance to enjoy another of their great titles here.

Demo details

All new releases from RTG, in common with most other software providers, have a demo you can try if you wish. We’d recommend it. It reveals everything you could ever want to learn about the game, while giving you plenty of enjoyment.

A neat Old West theme

We already know the theme, and it is nicely created using six shooters, cowboys, the famous cowboy hat, and some cowgirls too. There are lots of details elsewhere as well – the more you look, the more you see.

Design information about Trigger Happy slots

This isn’t a 3D game, nor does it have lots of colors involved. Mind you, the theme means the use of bright colors wouldn’t be appropriate. There are a few elements of color here, but overall the look and feel of the game are suited to the Old West theme.

Reels, special icons, and more

You can spin five reels when you load this game ready to play. Each one shows you three icons when it stops spinning. While some RTG games don’t give you any progressive jackpots, this one provides you with two of them. Each has a reset value too, so whenever someone wins one, it doesn’t return to zero. Instead, it returns to $250 or $1,000, depending on whether the minor or major one is won.

Just as we get two jackpots, we get two wilds as well. The redheaded cowgirl can appear on reels one and two. Meanwhile, the blonde cowgirl might show up on reels four and five. Both wilds can pop up in groups on their respective reels. They are good to replace most things, but neither of them replaces the sheriff’s badge. This is the scatter for the Trigger Happy slot game.

Fixed paylines are in action

There are 30 of them, too.

Place some bets on the game whenever you’re ready

You’ve got lots of options here. RTG provides several coins to consider, while giving you the chance to multiply each one by 30x to work out the total spin bet.

Where is the paytable?

You can see a stack of coins on the screen coupled with an arrow. This leads you to the table containing all the pay awards. You should look over this before you do anything else.

A random bonus could be in store for you

The random feature is appropriately known as Lucky. Watch out after a paid spin as this could drop at any time. One of two outcomes will occur whenever this happens. You could get a Trigger Happy bonus, explained shortly. Alternatively, you might win a minimum of five free games and a maximum of 10.

The free spins bonus

Three scattered badges trigger the Trigger Happy free spin feature. Before you play, the cowgirls appear on the screen and you are asked to select one. If anything is won with the aid of that cowgirl during the free games, you’ll double the original prize.

Each cowgirl can award one of two bonuses for the games as well. The redhead may deliver an expanded wild throughout the free spins, appearing only on reel one. Alternatively, she might count as a scatter symbol whenever she appears on a reel.

If the blonde cowgirl was chosen by you prior to the spins, she might pop up as a fixed wild expanded over the fifth reel. Alternatively, she might decide to cover reels four and five at once.

Whichever choice you make, the free spins include the chance to find three more badges to get five more spins.

Do we have any idea what the RTP is for this game?

No, since RTP does not seem to have released this information yet.

This one gets a good rating from us

How good? How about 9 out of 10? We like the element of choice in the free spins feature, especially since you still do not know which bonus you are going to get. It provides some contrast and versatility when you are looking at various parts of the game.

Two progressive jackpots could mean some winners

You never can tell how long a jackpot might grow before someone manages to get it for themselves. Who is going to trigger the minor or major jackpot in Trigger Happy slots?

Play the demo to find out more about this game

The demo comes pre-loaded with credits, and while they’re not worth anything in real money, they give you a chance to see how the game works and what it might hold in store. This game is going to be loved by some and forgotten by others. It’s best to figure out which group you are going to fall into before you do anything else.

Play for real at all good RTG casinos today

These casinos are sure to offer Trigger Happy slots as a new addition to their collection. If you’re already a member of such a casino, you might already know where you should go to play.

Can you play Trigger Happy slots on mobile?

Yes, you can – this is available to try on all platforms.