Caesar's Empire Slots

Julius Caesar was a famous ruler who met a bad end, betrayed by many of those who stood with him in the Roman Senate. Regardless of that, he is still doing well today as a major character in plenty of online slot games. We’re going to review one of those games right here – the Caesar’s Empire slot.

All hail the empire!

That was the cry of many who supported Caesar during his reign. You don’t need to call out anything like that here, thankfully. This slot is a 2D presentation that looks a little aged compared with new games. Don’t let that deter you though – it’s a grand slot to play.

Developer information

The game was released a few years back by RTG – Real Time Gaming. They have an excellent pedigree and this slot has a few more surprises than you might expect to see.

Can you play a demo version?

You can, yes, and it features everything you would expect to see if you were playing the real thing. The game comes with practice credits already loaded into it, so there’s no need to worry about that aspect.

A dramatic theme

You won’t see the end of Caesar’s reign here, but you will see many familiar elements used as icons in the game. The ancient Roman times are popular in many modern slots, and that theme plays out nicely here too.

What do we make of the design?

We like it. The Coliseum looms behind the reels, giving scope and detail to the game itself. Various elements appear on the reels, and the familiar layout of the controls make this an easy one to get started with. That holds especially true if you’ve already played a few of the older RTG titles.

Reels, icons, and more

You might spot the random jackpot appearing just above the third reel of this game. This is only active for players making real wagers, but it’s good to see it there. The game adopts a five-reel, three-row format you’ll probably have seen countless times before. Everything is very clear too, which is good to see.

There is a gold coin bearing Caesar’s face that is used on the first four reels as a wild symbol. He carries a generous 3x multiplier for prizes he contributes to. He cannot replace the scatter – the Coliseum – but he can replace all other symbols.

How many paylines?

There are 20 here, all selected to start with, although you can reduce the quantity you play on if you want to. We wouldn’t advise it, but you can if you wish.

Which bets are available to play with?

Only one coin is playable on each of those lines. The values begin at one cent and go no higher than 10 cents a time. That means the maximum bet here is just two dollars. This makes the slot ideal for small budget players but not for those who want to wager more.

Where is the paytable?

Good question, as it isn’t obvious. See that tiny word that says help at the bottom right? Squint and you can see it! This hides the paytable. Once you are in it, you can move from one page to the next to read all about the game.

Is there a bonus feature to trigger?

No, Caesar’s Empire does not feature any type of bonus. As for the progressive jackpot, this could trigger following any paid game. The trigger is therefore random.

What about some free spins?

Yes, you do get the opportunity to try and get some of these. There are 10 games on offer, and you trigger them by finding one or more Caesar gold coins on any reel(s) and the Coliseum on the fifth reel. It’s an unusual trigger, and since you need just two icons to get the spins, it might be easier to do than is true of some other games.

Anything won during the freebies gets a 2x multiplier. The wild Caesar coin can appear across all five reels in this feature. The Coliseum can appear, but if it does, it changes into one of two other symbols – the wild coin or Cleopatra. Yes, she’s here as well, and she is by far the most valuable symbol.

Another bonus here is that every appearance of the gold coin gives you another five free spins to enjoy. That means you could get way more than the original 10 you are awarded.

RTP details

This is a great slot many players love, and it carries an RTP of around 95%.

How do we rate this game?

This one may not look that modern, but it stands up well and is a delight to play. This gets 8.5 out of 10 from us, losing points only because it does not have a bonus. Of course, it does have a free spins feature that is more exciting than the ones you would see in other games.

Any progressive jackpot winners?

It’s often difficult to see whether anyone has won the progressive on a game. Some casinos share news like this, and others do not. Even those that do share it won’t reveal the full name of the winner.

Playing the game with demo credits

This gives you an opportunity to see if Caesar’s Empire has enough to persuade you to play the real thing. For some, the demo is all they will ever need. Maybe you fall into this group. Maybe you’ll like it enough to change over to the real game. Only you can figure out the answer to that.

Where can you play the game for real?

Most good RTG-powered casinos are going to include Caesar’s Empire in their collection. Since everything is typically listed in A to Z format, it means you can find it quite easily near the top of the listings. Watch for any deposit deals if you’re not yet a member, as they can enhance the opening deposit you make.

Can you try it on a mobile device?

Yes, you should be able to find it at most mobile casinos showing RTG games as part of the mix.