Monte Magic Slots

Magic is hardly an unusual theme for a slot game, so it must deliver something very good to grab the attention of passing slot players. Monte Magic isn't the biggest such game you will see, but the theme suits it well, and the creators have come up with something that is still enjoyable to play.

How many paylines and reels?

We've already hinted at the smaller size of this game, so perhaps you won't be surprised to learn it provides you with three reels and only one line to win on.

Coin values in Monte Magic

With just one line in play, you might think the lowest coin value would be at least ten cents. It's not, though, instead dropping lower to reach a cent. $10 would be the highest value you could choose.

Monte Magic special icons

With only one line in play, you probably wouldn't expect a scatter. But is there a wild? Yes, there is, and it comes in the form of a top hat. You'd expect a magician to wear this, so it fits in well.

This is a great game because if you can win a prize with the aid of either one or two wilds, there is a multiplier in it for you as well. This would be either x2 or x3 depending on the number you get.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

You probably weren't expecting a bonus, but we would like to prove you wrong in this respect. You can look for a rabbit - but of course - and if one should appear, you will not be seeing things. Instead, you will see another screen load that reveals 12 playing cards.

Is a trick about to be played on you? No, not at all - in fact, you must pick three out of the 12 cards and then progress to the next stage, in which you choose just one of the remaining ones. This reveals the amount you have won in the bonus feature.

Be sure to download and play Monte Magic for prizes today!

Monte Magic is a good game, especially since it offers that bonus element where you are guaranteed to come away with a prize. If you have a chance to play it, we would suggest you give it your best shot. If you are merely curious, you can always try the free version first to see how it plays.