Haunted Reels Slots

Would you be brave enough to play a slot game that had haunted reels? Maybe… but you are about to find out. Don't be too worried though, because Haunted Reels is only the title of this game… at least, we think so…

Let's get into some serious examination here, now, with a look at the many features Haunted Reels can offer. Is this going to be the game that reveals a cool prize for you to win?

How many paylines and reels?

You get a game that is as simple as can be here, with one payline spread clearly over three reels.

Coin values in Haunted Reels

While you cannot play a single cent on the payline, you can play as little as 10 cents per go. You can also raise that to reach $10 at most, or adjust your bet in another way. This second method is to play up to three coins on that payline.

Haunted Reels special icons

Since the game is haunted, you may not be shocked to see a witch on the reels. If you do, you should be glad, because she is a substitute for other symbols. One appearance of the witch in a winning combination triggers a x2 multiplier. If she appears twice in a winning combo, you will receive a x4 multiplier that is applied to work out your total prize.

Can you locate a bonus feature?

Yes, but only if you are playing with three coins placed on the payline. That means making a minimum 30-cent bet per spin. If you do play with three coins, you can look for a pumpkin, which should appear on the third reel. If this occurs, a second screen shows you some boxes, and you must simply choose the one you think is luckiest for you. Once you have done this, the box is opened to reveal how much you have won. That's how easy it is!

Be sure to download and play Haunted Reels for prizes today!

Haunted Reels is a basic game, to be sure, but it is a lot of fun, too. It's nice to have a bonus that can only be accessed if you play a little more each time, but you should consider whether that suits your budget. If so, you can get started and try and win some prizes with the help of the witch and the pumpkin.