Break Da Bank Mini Slots

You’re probably familiar with how a traditional casino slot looks – very colorful, engaging and with lots of things to look at. Of course your eyes will be fixed on the reels above all else, and the same is true when you play Break Da Bank here too.

Here we review this slot game to see whether it might be something you’d be interested in playing.

How many reels and paylines does the game have?

This one has an interesting mix – it has three reels so it looks quite basic. But there is more than just the single payline you might be expecting. Instead you get five paylines here.

What are your minimum and maximum betting amounts?

You can only play one coin per payline, but this can be anything between one and five dollars in value.

Does Break Da Bank have any special symbols?

It actually does. While most games of this nature don’t have a wild symbol, you will see one in play here. It is the Break Da Bank logo and it stands in for everything else in play. If you get one in your winning line, it will double the payout for that line. If you manage to get two in a winning line, you will get four times the usual prize you’d get.

Can you expect a bonus level?

No – this game doesn’t have a bonus round and unfortunately there are no free spins to be had either.

Enjoy Break Da Bank mini slots today!

This game doesn’t have some of the additional features that some of Microgaming’s three-reel games have. However, it does have more than one payline in play, and that certainly improves things a little. We liked the fact there was a wild symbol in play as well, as it did make it easier to get winning lines. Without it, this would be a little too basic for our liking.

It might prove a little expensive for some to play, thanks to the one dollar minimum bet per line, but since the maximum jackpot could be as much as $60,000, no doubt some people will be willing to give it a go. Will you be one of them? It’s up to you! Why not download and play the free play version of this game today to see what you think?