The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring Slots

The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring Slots

This is something of an historic review, as this online slot is sadly not available to play anymore. However it is still worth looking into because it shows how detailed some of the Microgaming slots games can be.

It also took on a different payline structure which made it a little different to some of the other games out there to play. There are also other similar games that work using a similar structure, so it could be possible that you can find something else that works on a similar platform from Microgaming.

How many reels and paylines does this slot game have?

The slot had five reels. Yet instead of having a set number of paylines, it was a '243 ways to win' slot. This made it a little more unusual. You will see this number of ways to win on other slot games as well.

What can you wager on this online slot game?

You could wager either one, two or five cents on the game, with anything up to 20 coins on each spin.

Does Fellowship of the Ring have any special symbols?

You'll be familiar with the eye symbol if you have seen the film, and this appeared in the slot as the wild symbol. The scatter was also present, and this appeared as the ring itself.

Is there a bonus level on another screen?

Yes, and it was focused on free spins. You would have to have three scatters or more to trigger this. As some players would have found out when playing it, this round brought you 15 free spins and the chance to retrigger another set of freebies during the round itself.

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While it is unfortunate that this game is no longer available to play, you can probably see that the structure of the game is quite similar to other games from the Microgaming stable. They have released other 243 ways to win games before, some of which have been released with famous topics as their background.

As such, while you can't play this particular game anymore, you could still find something else that is very similar. Why not check out Microgaming's latest set of online slots games to see how many you'd like to play?