The Asp of Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra is considered to be the number one feminist ever, she was a queen and she was a beauty, she was compassionate and she was tough and this allowed her to rule her people efficiently and with care. Cleopatra is still considered as one of the best rulers of the world and this five reel twenty five payline slots game is yet another tribute to her greatness as a leader. This game is filled with lots of bonus opportunities that include re-spins, free spins and a special mini wheel bonus game that can be activated at any time.

Re-Spins and Free Spins Thanks to Cleopatra

Cleopatra is the wild symbol in this game and when she appears on screen, she expands to cover the whole screen helping to make winning payouts. On her own Cleopatra awards players with some very handsome payouts giving players 6000 coins when five appear on the screen, 1500 coins when three appear on the screen and 200 with two appearing on the screen. In addition re-spins are awarded when Cleopatra appears on the screen. Each time a re-spin is charted, the player gets closer to winning free spins. When the player has accumulated four re-spins he wins free spins. The amount of free spins awarded is based on the number of re-spins that the player has received. The free spins chart sits at the side of the main screen where the player can see the potential amounts that she can win.

Bonus Mini Wheel of Gods

There is an additional bonus game that is triggered when three and more of the bonus symbols appear on the screen. The player is awarded with a spin of the mini wheel of gods. This is made up into different sections that relate to the two gods Horus and Anubis. Players choose one of the gods and spin the wheel that will land on one of the sections. Each section offers a multiplier and the player wins the multiplier that he lands on. At the end of the bonus game the player is taken back to the main screen and continues with the fun and excitement of Ancient Egypt in a modern setting.