As the Reels Turn 1 Slots

There aren’t many online slots that produce sequels. When you find a slot game that does have a sequel on offer, you know the first one was popular enough to warrant putting another one into the mix.

With As the Reels Turn, there is not just one but two sequels to get your teeth into once you’ve tried the first one. Let’s take a closer look at them now.

What theme is in play here?

As you might guess from the title, As the Reels Turn is a play on the soap operas you’ll see on television. As is the case with many online slots games today, there is a cut-scene at the beginning of the slot when it loads. Make sure you watch this as it will set the scene for you.

How many reels and paylines are in play?

Each of the three slots has five reels and 15 paylines to look forward to.

What symbols will you see on the reels?

The answer to this depends on which game you are playing. Suffice to say each one has a separate storyline (another reason for watching the cut-scene we mentioned earlier). You’ll get a feeling of how the story unfolds as you start to play the game.

Each game has a special symbol that says ‘advance to next scene’. You need three or more of these popping up on the reels to do just that. There is a game map button at the top of your game screen in each slot game. Click on it and you can see how far through the story you are in each case.

What about bonus rounds?

As the Reels Turn also provides you with some bonus rounds to look forward to each time. You will see bonus levels such as the Danny bonus round in the second instalment, and the Ivan the Fish bonus round in the first game.

Check out the As the Reels Turn series today!

As you can imagine, if you try and like the first slot game in this series, you can enjoy the prospect of playing two more along the same lines as well. The fact there are several games with a similar theme is great and it works well with the soap opera theme too. Will you win prizes with As the Reels Turn online today?