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Bitcoin is based on hundreds of block chains that lead into each other and create a secure way for transactions that is also instant. Ethereum and some of the other virtual currencies use smart contracts for their basis and with these smart contracts they are able to offer a secure and instant platform for trading. Until recently these two systems worked independently and although both efficient and user friendly, there was always still a gap in the marketplace for something that combined these two fabulous concepts. And this gap has now been filled with the creation of the QTUM virtual trading application that is a block chain for business and personal use.

Stability with Qtum

QTUM is stable and it is modular it combines the technology of the Block chain from Bitcoins and the smart contracts from Ethereum to give users a trusted decentralized application. It is a hybrid that grows with use and feeds of two already established and proven systems. QTUM can be used online by opening a wallet and trading and it can also be used on mobile devices by opening lite wallets, something that previously was foreign to many players. There is something very calming about using QTUM that is a combination of the best virtual currencies in the industry and it is not only safe and secure but it is also speedy to use giving players instant access to funds that can be used immediately in every aspect of the casino or with online merchants.

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