Free Ethereum Slots

Crypto currencies are hard for people to understand at first, the whole idea of a virtual currency that has no physical notes or coins may seem strange but once you begin to understand the whole concept of the virtual currency you will understand the huge benefits of using this and also a little bit of how it works. The Bitcoin was the original cryptocurrency that was created by a brilliant Japanese programmer late in 2009. Over less than a decade this concept of virtual currency has grown incredible. The Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency on the market today. Ethereum was created in the wake of the Bitcoin success and offers many of the same properties as Bitcoin with a few additional benefits.

How to Use and Gamble with Ethereum

Bitcoins are mined after having been generated from long block chains and lots of algorithms. The Ethereum is made up of smart contracts from block chains and is thought to be even more secure than the Bitcoins. Players can use Ethereum at online and mobile casinos in two different ways, the Bitcoin can only be used in one way when being traded. Ethereum can be used like Bitcoins, the player establishes a wallet and funds the wallet with Ether. The player needs to plan this in advance and purchase Ether that sit in his wallet. The other way of using Ethereum at the online and mobile casinos is to send the Ether directly to the casino using a smart contract. It sounds complex but the casinos that offer this system have worked out a method that gives immediate access to funds through open source codes with no interference. There is one slight drawback and that is that the whole process can take up to 15 seconds which is still a lot quicker than if you were choosing a different payment option.

Special Offers and Bonuses with Ethereum

At the Ether Casinos there are also many special promotions and bonuses just for using Ethereum as the payment option. There are match up bonuses that are given over and above the bonus options for regular payments. The Ethereum Payment solution is not limited just to casino slots, if you are interested in poker or any of the other casino games you can use either of the Ethereum methods for placing your bets. And as can be seen many online casinos are associated with sportsbooks and live casinos that will also accept Ethereum as their payment option. The Ether produced from Ethereum smart contracts may not have the hugely overrated value of Bitcoins but that does not mean that they are not reliable and valuable and will be a payment solution that is here to stay and will be used more and more.