LIVE! Bubble Bubble Online Slot – New Halloween High Paying Reel

This slot game is fresh from the oven, or should we say cauldron? The Club World Group Casino launched a new reel game with a hot looking witch, and by hot we mean Cardashian hot! The game description refers to our witch as Winni the witch, after some Google research turns out Winnie the Witch is an actual cartoon very popular in the 80´s UK. But this Winni is nothing like that children´s story, here the reel player is up to some sexy delight and very probably some profitable spins.

Is Bubble Bubble Slot a High Payout?

Too early to say from user experience, but from our trials and those who were able to play the online slot game before it even launched to public hitting the bonus rounds is easier than the average slot game and they have a nice multiplier. Personally I tested this game from my smart phone and it was a very fun experience from the subway ride from work to home. Not to mention that by the end of the journey I had triggered 2 bonus rounds and made more than the fare money. To trigger the bonus round the 3 scatters are needed in a combination like any other game, but three different bonus rounds are offered. The scatter is the cauldron and once you get three or more a player can select witch cauldron to play, each hides a unique bonus round.

Bonus Games

  • Great Ghosts Feature - This is a 20 free spin round which is more than the usual 15. During the spinning rounds 9 Wild Ghosts invade the reel replacing any other symbol and increasing the chances of hitting a winning combination. The free spins can be re-triggered during the bonus round.
  • Winni the Wild Witch - Winni is the Wild in this slot game, hit this feature round and she and other witches will turn wild during a few rounds. Basically whatever you bet has high chances of triggering multiple combinations.
  • Bewitched - A simple 7 free spin round, but worry not, as small a price this sounds the Wild symbol (Winni) will always be perched in the middle of the reel making it easier to trigger winning combinations.

Top Payout and More High Paying Slots

The Top Payout for Bubble Bubble slot is a max of 3,000 per bet line. There is another high paying game this season you might want to check out before Halloween is over, Fangtastic. A vampire themed new slot with a record free spin round of 66 spins, if you get lucky with the dice!