Easter Promotions 2024

It is that time of year again when the shops are filled with cute little chicks and chocolate eggs. Players at the casinos can start getting into the spirit of Easter already now with the many different themed slots surrounding this colorful festival that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus three days after he died. There are slots games with cute little bunnies and green meadows and there are slots games with baskets filled with eggs and special features that include collecting more eggs and finding the Easter bunny. The Easter slots games are available all year round but it is at Ester time when they are most popular bringing lots of fun to the players and getting them in the mood for a great Easter break.

Easter Promotions and Special Offers

Together with the excellent range of games with an Easter theme there are also many bonuses and promotions advertised around the time of Easter. These include match up bonuses with Easter eggs, there are bonuses with cash prizes, free spins on different games and lots of other unique promotions that compliment the time of year. There are also competitions that run for a few days where players can work their way up a leader board in order to win more prizes. The competitions and promotions vary from casino to casino and it is up to the player to choose which ones he wants to play and which best suit his gaming schedule. Whether interested in slots, table games or other games, the Easter promotions are relevant for all the players and will boost the time that the player has at the casino and also boost his games and his budget for the games.

Celebrate Easter with Special Tournaments

In addition to the bonuses and special offers given at the casino there are also many tournaments that are created just for this time of year. The tournaments give the player a chance to enjoy the Easter themed games at a lower cost than normal and win huge payouts. The tournaments are made up of two main types. There are sit and go tournaments and there are scheduled tournaments. The sit and go tournaments do not require the player to plan in advance, he can join in with any of the open tournaments at any time. For scheduled tournaments, the player has to reserve a spot for the tournament and will receive a reminder when it is about to start. Both types of tournaments offer the player a pot, the pot is either a sum of all of the entry fees placed or it is a sum given by the casino as the prize. Tournaments are a very effective way of enjoying real money casino games, mainly slots, without having to spend a lot of money, and also a chance to win huge amounts. And the Easter themed tournaments add the extra cuteness and fun of this special time of year.