King Billy Casino

You are invited to enter King Billy's land. This land has many names, and it is a place where legends are born. This place is known as Casinia. It is a joyful destination where poker games, table games and slots can be played. It is the spot where people have little worries and big winning opportunities because of royal bonuses and big jackpots. It is the new online gambling website King Billy Casino.

King Billy is the graceful and wise ruler of an impressive empire. He is worthy the title of king, and you should trust him as a money making counselor during your gambling quest in his vast and profitable land. This land will only grow bigger as the time passes and the coins roll. Voluntarily and peacefully, the world's regions are being annexed by the kingdom. Southern, Eastern and Northern territories join the king's domain. As a result, more and more excited gamblers will fall under the protection of His Majesty, and you can be sure that big profits are made in every corner of his kingdom.

Everyone is able to become a respected and rich noble in the online domain of King Billy Casino, so make sure that you get your normal citizen status and then play your way up to the royal household. Start as a Baron and proceed to become a Duke and then a Prince. Eventually, you get to become the mighty ruling King yourself. You will then have to honor to sit next to the highly respected King Billy. And don't worry if you are a lady, because on this online gambling kingdom, you will always be treated like a princess. So there are a lot good reasons to become a citizen as soon as possible. And remember that when you play like a true king, you might live like one as well in the near future.

Benefit From Royal Promotions

A set of excellent bonuses will help you to become a rich and royal legend. Your majestic journey starts with a 201 per cent welcome bonus (max 52 euros). You become entitled to receive this bonus when you make a minimum deposit of 20 euros. This promotion also rewards a total of 210 free spins. These free spins can be used at the game Starburst Slots.

Your second deposit is also connected to a deposit promotion. It is a 51 per cent deposit bonus that will grand you a total amount of 151 euros. Again, you need to make a minimum deposit of 20 euros to become entitled to it.

Things get even better when you make a third deposit. Another 51 per cent deposit bonus is granted when you place at least 20 euros in your casino bank account. This promotion can give as much as 201 euros.

Additional bonuses are given away during weekdays. Monday and Tuesday are the new weekend at this casino, and those are the days that extra weekend rewards are handed out. Lastly, there is the King's Gift reward. On Thursdays, the generous king will please you with a 11 per cent cashback gift.

The VIP Club Will Make You a King or Queen

The VIP Club Is the place where kings and Queens are made. Play and win to prove your loyalty to the ruling King. An exclusive royalty program delivers you top notch entertainment options, thrilling game play opportunities, customized bonuses, dedicated customer services and King worthy gifts. So make sure that you become a citizen of the kingdom if you want to benefit from all of these VIP Club perks. In the program, you will play and win your way up through the ranks until you reach the highest level of power. Start at the bottom as a citizen and then proceed to become a Baron/Baroness, a Duke/Duchess, a Prince/Princess, and eventually even a King or Queen.

Casino Entertainment Crown Jewels to Choose From

Enter the royal game chambers from this casino, and make your pick among the gambling entertainment crown jewels. This casino is especially appealing for slot enthusiasts as it has quite a few popular and top quality titles available. You can enjoy slot machines like 3 Hit Pay, Billyonaire, Three Kings and Bewitched. These games and others are available as free versions and as real money versions.

Bank Like a King

This online gambling platform is a reliable multi-currency casino. At this moment, the accepted currencies are Russian Ruble, Hryvnia, South African Rand, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krone, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, US Dollar and Euro. Furthermore, Bitcoins are also accepted as a valid payment form.

As for the available deposit and withdrawal options, you can choose from a whole set of reliable services. Some of the available account funding methods are Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller and iDeal. None of the available deposit services ask for a fee, and all but one of them offer an instant money transfer service. The minimum deposit amounts are 10 Euro for cash transfers and 0.01 for Bitcoin fundings. The maximum deposit amounts are 4.000 for cash top ups and 4.0 for Bitcoin payments.

The list of withdrawal services is largely the same as that from the deposit options. There are no withdrawal fees and, with the exception of bank transfers, the process times are instant. Cash withdrawals are bound to a minimum of 20 euro and Bitcoin withdrawals to a minimum of 0.02. Maximum cash paybacks are 4.000 and Bitcoin maximum cash withdrawals are 4.0. If you have any problems with the banking procedures or with other casino related subjects, then you can always ask the assistance of the royal household's support staff.

Contact the Royal Household's Support Staff

The casino has a reliable customer support team, which you can make use of on every day of the week between the hours of 9:00 AM and 11:00 PM UTC. The contact options are live chat and email ( Additionally, there is also a frequently asked questions page on which you can find useful information about the casino.

Feel Like a True King When You're Playing and Winning at King Billy Casino

King Billy Casino is a very original online gambling platform. It has a royal theme so you will feel like a true king when you're playing and winning. You will have access to a vast amount of gambling resources when you're out their exploring the kingdom. From magical games to generous bonuses, and from an alluring VIP Club that will make you a true noble, to jackpot prizes that make you a wealthy gambler, it is all present in the wonderful casino land of Billy the King.