BOKU Casinos

Boku is the new payment system to fund online casino accounts from any type of device. No need for credit cards or an e-wallet, the service is instant with no need to move your money from one account to another, simply receive your charge on your phone bill by the end of the month. The service is already widely accepted in the UK and most of Europe, soon all your favorite online casinos will feature this payment option that is more transparent and safer than the rest.

Mobile Casinos that use Boku

Here is just a short list of mobile and online casinos that already have Boku integrated into their system:

In technical terms Boku is a “Payforit” intermediary between you and the casino, you just push the button in Boku and in seconds your account is funded, by the end of the month the deposit will be charged on your phone bill. In simple terms it is a replacement for credit cards and online transactional services that take days to process, cut out a big slice of your transactions and have tons of conditions of which nationalities they accept. Boku turns your mobile phone into a cash register readily accessible to everyone with a mobile phone service (and it doesn´t even have to be a smartphone).


  • Quick and easy to fund online/mobile casino accounts.
  • Available to 8 million customers over 68 countries.
  • Aside from online casinos Boku can be used with: Facebook, Spotify, realPlayer and Sony. That includes video games, music and social media services.

Step by Step of how to deposit funds with Boku

To use Boku your online casino must be partnered with the service and your phone company as well. Most European phone networks use Boku.

  1. Log into your casino account.
  2. At the banking section or cashier select “Pay by Mobile”
  3. This will redirect you to Boku were the amount must be confirmed. A text message with a confirmation will arrive to your mobile phone.
  4. Reply “Y”
  5. Your account has been funded! The funds amount will be billed in your next phone charge.

Tips about using Boku

Boku is the perfect new service for those who do not have a credit card or do you not wish to enlarge their credit debt. It is also faster and more secure than e-wallets, but it can only be used to deposit funds or make payments, not to withdraw or transfer payments. Another thing to keep in mind is the daily limits to fund an account are really small, around £30 pounds per day, so this is definitely a service for small bankrolls.

The technology behind Boku

Boku uses a new telecommunication technology known as Direct Carrier Billing, which is an evolution of the early SMS. SMS was used in the recent past to flood your mobile phone with ringtone and insurance offers. This sales channel was later used by smart phones to sell apps and PSMS was used a direct payment method from a user’s mobile to the merchant. Boku combines both SMS and PSMS technologies in Direct Carrier Billing, which is slowly being adopted by mobile apps, newspapers and online businesses.

With Direct Carrier Billing there is no need for a credit card make a purchase or deposit funds, and its simpler to use than e-wallets as no deposits need to be made on third parties.

On which devices can you install Boku?

Boku can be installed on any smart phone, tablet and smart TV.

Which UK network operators use Boku?

All major UK operators are already working with Boku:

  • O2
  • Hutch and Virgin
  • Vodafone

Do any other operators around the world use Boku?


Boku works with 250 operators worldwide with 8 million mobile customers in 65 countries. Although most of its market can be found in Europe.