The best way to find out if a slot game is worth playing is to try it in demo mode first. However, as you may have noticed, some games don’t offer a demo mode. While most do, it is possible to find a few games that can only be played with real bets in place. So, how do you know whether such a game is worth trying without spending any money to find out?

Read some reviews of the game first

When a new slot is released, it doesn’t take long for sites to start reviewing it. This means you shouldn’t need to wait long to find out what a slot is like – even if it does not have a freeplay mode to use.

Reviews are more likely to be available for older games too. Read as many as you can to find out how they work. You can then get an idea of whether that game is going to appeal to you as you play.

Find out how much you can wager on the slot

Most slot games offer some variations here. Look out for the minimum and maximum coin values in play, along with the minimum and maximum total bets. Some slots allow you to wager more than one coin per line too, so that is another key element to find out about prior to playing.

Once you have all this information, you can figure out whether the slot you are reading about will fit with your available budget. You can also see how many bets you will get for your budget, which will help determine how long you could play the game for.

Consider whether it offers the experience you are looking for

The most important elements here are the RTP (it should be as high as possible) and the volatility level – anything from low to high. Consider which volatility level you are most comfortable playing at. If the game doesn’t match that, ditch it and look for something else instead. You can find out all this prior to playing the game, so you won’t need to waste a cent on it if it doesn’t match your priorities.

If you use these three techniques to help you figure out which games are best, you should be able to save any lost cash playing games you don’t enjoy.